Creating new row with data from various files

Hello there!
I’m freshman in Knime Analytics software. The project which I’m trying to complete got stuck at the very beginning. I have 4 files related to: GDP, GDP Per Capita, GDP PPP and GDP PPP Per Capita.
Each file is structured the same way. Columns are representing years where rows are country names with values. I’m trying to merge each file to the one table where Country column will be placed next to 4 value rows.

Each file looks exactly the same, only values are related to different parameter mentioned above.
As attachment I’m pasting more detailed scenario.
Example.xlsx (10.2 KB)

hi @Brzoskwin2137 ,
are you trying to get a table like this?

starting from 4 tables like this one?

Exactly - The 1st attached screenshot exactly reflects what I want. The only thing about I’m really curious is that if it’s possible to “Merge cells” like in excel - That country/country code is one row glued to 4 values mentioned before.

PS. Column filter has been used due to last row which is red improperly.

Maybe this workflow can help
KNIME_project2.knwf (37.3 KB)
Let me know if it suits your needs

Thank you very much. I will analyze it step-by-step tomorrow and will let you know.
However it seems to be proper workflow because I tried Transpose and the unpivoting is the way probbly.
Have a nice day!

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Thanks @Brzoskwin2137 ! You too

Here’s a shorter version of the workflow
KNIME_project2.knwf (72.6 KB)

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