Creating objects and inserting data in SalesForce using KNIME

Hello, dear KNIME users

I have got salesforce account and now I have proper connection with SalesForce. I can read data from there using Salesforce Simple Query.

Now, my question is, how can I create new object in Salesforce and insert some into there ? Is it Possible to do such things in KNIME?
The purpose is to insert, delete and update data in Salesforce using KNIME

Thanks in advance!

Hope that you will help to solve this problem

Hi @Karlygash

We don’t have yet nodes that do insert operation in salesforce. But what you can do is to use the Salesforce Authentication Extraction node to get connection information. You can then use this connection information with the other REST nodes (POST, PUT, PATCH, GET) to interact with Salesforce API

I hope this helps!



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