creating report with data to report in met anodes


I created a workflow for a user that does image analysis, measures various things, and generate several output tables. I create a report with these various tables and images, resulting in many data to report nodes. It looks complicated and ungainly so I would like to hide them in a metanode and this is the problem. KNIME does not want data to report in metanodes or sub nodes. The workflow looks really ugly like this (see screenshot) and to put all the tables into a single table would be extremely difficult if not impossible (though impossible probably does not exist for KNIME). Is there any chance this will change in the future?



Hi Marc,

we are aware of this problem but right now there are different opinions how it should be solved. One possiblity would be to generate one Report per Metanode, which would also be very nice.

Long story short: No, so far no progress on this matter.

sorry, Iris