Credential Input wrapped metanode passing to workflow

I am trying to have a master template that would be used in workflows to manage userid and password. I have not been able to truly get this to work. Can someone explain with a workflow example. I do not understand if this is in a wrapped metanode how to get the userid and password to flow into a Reader Node. please example what nodes would be included in the wrapped metanode .

Dear @Momdog598a,

could you share with us more details on what do you try to achieve and what exactly does not work? What is the Reader node that you what to configure to use credentials? Does any of the nodes fail (if yes, then which one and with what error message?) or do end up in a situation when some functionality of flow variable is missing? A minimal example to reproduce your problem, following the guidelines in the “Minimal workflow” section of Bug Reporting Best Practices would be very helpful.

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Hi again,

did you find a solution for the problem that you have reported? If not, an example would be very helpful for us to find a solution. See above for a link a description of how to prepare it.


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