Credential node output being lost

I am concerned about the migration away from workflow credentials to using the credentials quick form node.
When using the credentials quick form inside a wrapped metanode and you have it selected in the node to remember users credentials, it doesn’t seem to work.
When a user configured the wrapped metanode and enters in their credentials, runs the workflow, saves it, and then closes knime and reloads it, the credential password details are lost.
This now means the user needs to rerun the workflow again to populate the workflow with the password. This is really an unacceptable turn of events when the workflow may take an hour to run. The workaround is to add in another credentials quick form, but this is hardly user friendly.
There were no such problems with the workflow credentials functionality, the only trouble is you don’t allow them to penetrate a wrapped metanode.
I’m using knime 3.7.2 on a pc.

Hi @richards99,

If you enter the credentials in the wrapped metanode configuration dialog, they are not saved due to security reasons (i.e., to prevent credentials from being stored accidentally). To actually store the credentials with the workflow, you need to enter them in the node configuration of the Credentials Input node.

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I would like to see The Knime Team to incorporate some secure way of adding the password into the wrapped meta node dialog. Having to go into the wrapped node to add it into the quick form node is far from ideal.
Firstly if the wrapped meta node is linked, the user will need to break the link. Then that prevents any future update of the node.
Secondly it’s not intuitive for a novice user to do all this, which is one of the purposes in my opinion of these wrapped nodes.
Thirdly, having to go back to re-enter credentials can be very time consuming if the workflow is a complex task.

Please Knime team fix this.


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