Credentials Config vs Connection Node Login

I’m trying to think of reasons I may use this node, vs just putting the credentials within the connector node itself. I’m fairly new to Knime, I imagine if I am connecting to multiple sources that share credentials?

I’m really only using Microsoft SQL Server Connector for this project I’m working on, is there any reason to use Credentials Config or Credentials Input?

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How to provide the authentication credentials for the Microsoft SQL Server or any kind of database/file etc. in KNIME it really depends on the use case. (Do you want to share the workflow with others or not.)
Generally speaking we can say using Credentials Configuration Node is more secure providing this kind of information in a workflow. In this way the credential data will not be saved in the workflow so in case of sharing this workflow others will not be able to reveal these data.
In this video (from 6:12 - app. 15:50) you can find more info on how KNIME nodes and workflows handle the credentials data in different cases.

Regarding to which node is “better” to use in case of using credentials as flow variable the Credentials Configuration Node or the Credentials Input Node, please be aware that the Credentials Input Node is a so called QuickForm node. Earlier QuickForm node made possible for Wrapped metanodes (KNIME Web Portal User Guide and KNIME Components Guide) to have a configuration window. Lately we discourage to use QuickForm nodes it is best practice to avoid the usage of them and use instead Configuration nodes and Widget nodes. So in your case the Credentials Configuration Node.

I hope it helps!
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That was very informative, and exactly what I needed. Thank you.


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