Credentials-input secret variable split-up question

Good day,
Running a flow on the server I’m able to capture the credentials into a combined secret (credentials-input variable). Because the flow will run on the server, the password really needs to be kept as a secret. However, this is exactly my problem - the underlying components are only available as a combined user and password secret.

In order to successfully interact with a specific API, I need to have the password (as a secret) on it’s own, not combined with the username.

The username can be extracted in different ways, e.g. extract-context-properties or credential-variable-extractor. However, is there a way where I can have the password (as a secret) available on it’s own?
Mayby I’m missing some approach or workaround.

Hi @aroodt,

In which node do you want to use the secret? In the REST nodes, you can set just the Password value to any header:


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