Credentials nodes do not automatically update after password changes


I am using Knime 4.3. I have multiple workflows that use a shared Credentials node to automatically pass my username and password. I have encountered an issue I am hoping there is a solution for.

This week, i needed to change my password for connection to an IBM DB2 database. So, i opened my shared node and changed my password and saved it. However, my workflows that use these shared credentials will not automatically read the new password unless i open each one and manually right click and click Update Link as shown in the screenshot below. If I do not do that, each one will give me a username/password invalid error.

All of my workflows are saved in reset form, so i expected them to pull in the new password when executed, but it requires me to actually update the link to the share nodes in each of my workflows
It seems to me that the entire purpose of these shared credentials nodes is to prevent having to open all of my workflows to fix each one every time i need to change my password.

Am i doing something wrong?


Thank you,

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Hey @bmclain,

Where did you share the Component to? Is it coming from a KNIME Hub Space, KNIME Server, or just locally?

Also could you confirm that you are executing this locally, and not on a Server?



Hi @wkhan

I shared that component in my LOCAL (Local Workspace) folder.
I do not have access to Knime Server, so this is just saved in the Knime Analytics Platform.

Hi @bmclain

Hope you’re having a good holidays! Whenever you open the workflow, it should prompt you to check for component updates.

If you have already check ‘Remember my decision’ and are no longer getting prompts check in your preferences file for:

“/instance/org.knime.workbench.ui/knime.metanode.updateOnLoad” and see what the value is set to.

Hope that helps.
Wali Khan

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