Cresting JSON representations from collection columns



I'm trying to access a web service which expects input something like

{ "name" : "thingy",

"stuff": [ "c1", "c2", "c3" ]


I'm having trouble getting the "Create REST Representation" node to create the array. I've got the input in a table like

RowID      name        stuff

1              thingy       [c1,c2,c3]

where the "stuff" column is a Knime collection. I was hoping that the "Create REST Representation" node would convert the collection to an array, but instead it sends it as a string:

"stuff" : "[c1,c2,c3]"

I can fix this by fiddling around with string converter nodes, but it would be nice if the REST converter would convert collection columns straight to JSON arrays. The inverse does occur in the "Read REST representation" node: JSON arrays are converted to KNIME collections.


Hi Mark,

I have adjusted to Create REST Representation accordingly. There should be a trial version in the nightly build tomorrow (still version 1.2.6). Let me know how it works, please.

I am not around anymore until Feb 10, however, so there will be no other new versions until then.




Brilliant - works perfectly. Thanks Anna.