Cross Validation problem


I am using CV  node for MLR. After I'd run my test I got the following error: ERROR     KNIME-Worker-19 X-Aggregator     Execute failed: Error while writing to buffer: Blob file location "/home/anna/knime_2.3.1/col_0/000/000" does not exist.

Any ideas what does it mean?


Is there any way for us to reproduce the problem? Can you send us the workflow, including the data? What version of KNIME are you using?



Thank you for information.  I wanted to bulid MLR  for a toxicity data. I generated chemical descriptors  using  CDK and I wanted to build the model  using CV to predict IC_50. 

I found  that some descriptors are seen as  missing cells (don't know why yet - in excel all descriptors value are displayed)  and this coused the errror. Using the missing value node  resolved my problem. 

Kind regards