CSV Data can not seperate between time stamp and value

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to using KNIME and I was supposed to take over a Project somebody else started. He gave us some preprocessed Data wich consists of a large table with different variables in every column. In the rows is a double for every variable that consists of an unix-time stamp in the format YYYY.MM.DD hh:mm:ss,000 and suffixed by the value f the variable. It Looks like this: 1.518.193.082.585,00 or like this 1.516.325.252.625,99
My question is how can I work with the file in KNIME in a way that I have the value of the variable and ist timestamp seperated?

I would really appreciate every help I can get.

This looks like a unix timestamp

Maybe you try to convert the values and see if useful date values result. You might have to finetune the results to your local timezone and see which formats fit best.

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Dear @mlauber71,

thank you for your fast answer :slight_smile:
Well, it is indeed a unix-timestamp, but it is timestamp+value in one number and I do not know how to seperate them.
So the first 13 numbers are the time stamp and the last ones are the value the variable takes on.

Hi there!

Maybe Cell Splitter might help :wink:


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