CSV file from NCI's DTP

I was trying to read a file of NCI growth inhibition data into KNIME using the CSV Reader on Windows 8.1 (KNIME v. 2.12.0) but I'm getting an error.

ERROR CSV Reader           0:1        Execute failed: Wrong data format. Got ' .                 ' for a floating point number.

- The data file can be found at  this URL


The lines end in

  ", .                  "


1) Can you consider an enhancement to the CSV reader so that when it encounters an error converting input to floating point, it just leaves it as string?  It's pretty easy to handle the conversion in a snippet later in the workflow.

2) Is there a better workaround than editing the input CSV file to replace the offending text?


Best reards,



did you try using the file reader? It does have more options.

If the file reader fails, you can also use the line reader and split the columns afterwards. With the column auto type cast you can afterwards try to do the automatically casting of columns (e.g. with . instead of ,)

Best, Iris

Thank you very much, Iris! I just tried the File Reader and it works great.