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first of all I want to say that my english is not very good. I'am a student and musst complete a practical training in a company. My topic is power quality.

I now work for the first time with KNIME and try to read a csv file with a csv file-reader. Which is the correct form of the file?

I get follow error message: Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID  "Test - Va(Basic)" at row number 2

The goal is to apply several voltages which have many values. But I don't know the right form in my csv file.

Who can help me , please?

Thanks and best regards

It seems that your file does not contain unique row identifiers. This can be fixed by unchecking "Has Row Header" which leads to a automatically generated row ID.

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Thanks, it works.

Do you know a larger guide/tutorial than the getting started? Where can I get more Examples?


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Many more examples are hosted on our public server which is accessable through the KNIME Desktop: http://knime.org/example-workflows For further details on particular nodes, check out this website.

its great, thank you.

I want to download the additional R plugin. the link redirected  me to the knime update site. after that i downloaded the update site and got a zip-file.which is the right knime folder to unpack the zip file? the other way to install it with knime->help->install New Software.. didnt work. Via this way (http://www.knime.org/updates/2.5.4/) I cant see a listing of the different categories of the update site. There is just a Pending...  .




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This might be related to some proxy/firewall issues that don't allow you to access our website in order to run an KNIME update. If you have downloaded the update site (as zip) already, go to Help > Install new Software > Add > Archive and point to this zip.


do you know a knime R tutorial or something like that?

i want to configure a R Viewer to show me a histogram. the window, however, remains white. if i take the generic x-y plotting, the plot is correct.is it possible that the data transfer is the problem? the filer reader loads a simple txt-file with two rows.


#data(iris) // what means iris?


#hist(R, seq(from=0,to=100,by=10),col="red"))

# data(iris)
# R <- iris
# hist(R, seq(from=0, to=100, by=10), col=red))
# data(iris)
# R <- iris
# hist(R, seq(from=0, to=100, by=10), col=red))

oh sorry too many paste

In this simple example (# means those lines are commented out in the script), we load the data 'iris' which is an internal dataset within R. Usually you would take the variable R which contains the data provided at the in-port of this node; and provide the result inside a variable R at the out-port. For more details on KNIME/ R, we recommend reading the KNIME Cookbook which provides also some more advanced topics such as databases and workflow variables / loops / switches in KNIME.

thanks for the link. 

One last question: Is it possible with knime to read data via modbus tcp automatically and visualize these datas automatically ?

I don't think so. The File Reader is pretty generic and can read http, file, knime protocols but not from others that are not implemented in the framework.

Hello Gabriel, thank you very much for this information. The node previously came with this option unchecked and then in new versions it is checked. with which I did not realize the origin of the problem. That now thanks to you I solved it. Hug

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