Csv files reads extra empty rows

Hello everyone,

So I receive files everyday in form of csv. I’ve tried using csv reader as well as file reader for reading these csv files. Both produce extra two records for all the files. Is it an issue with the KNIME, or should be an issue with my csv file? any help would be appreciated! Thank you

Hi @Saishiyam

Could you please upload a (anonymized) version of the csv or even better a workflow? It’s almost impossible to troubleshoot this just based on a short description without seeing what’s going on in the background. Many things could cause this behavior.


My guess is that it’s probably an issue with your file.
The file creation/modification process has to be done carefully, or it will result in extra blank rows and columns.

Have you looked at the csv file in a text editor?

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Most likely this is encoding issue. Try to play with UTF formats.

Hi @Saishiyam It definitely sounds like it’s in the file if both the File Reader and CSV Reader are showing the extra records.

As @elsamuel has suggested, try to open the file from a text editor, you should see 2 extra lines.

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My guess is that the files just have a few rows of blank values (“”) instead of missing values (?). If that is the case, then I would just throw throw the Missing Value node and the Remove Empty Rows node behind it and not worry about the extra rows in the CSV reader.

My guess is you export the data as csv from database like postgres and these files always contain extra rows at the bottom which I filter out (at least my personal experience)

Hi @bruno29a yeah this seems to be the issue, the csv files seems to contain extra two lines in the end.

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