CSV Reader - Execute failed

Hi Knimers

I have a CSV file with xx rows and I'm trying to read with the CSV reader.

I can't figure out why the execution is failed and how I can change the settings to work out.

Bellow is the message in my console:  ERROR CSV Reader           2:1        Execute failed: For input string: "--" In line 132 (Row125) at column #10 ('Max. CPC').

At the image bellow  you can see the settings:

Is the CSV an export out of Excel? Any chance it contains Excel type of errors, typically starting with a # character?

With your settings these may be taken as comments, causing the row the be incomplete. Try to remove the # as comment char from the configuration and see whether this fixes it.

If not, we will have to look deeper into your CSV file to understand what is wrong with it.



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Hi Marco

Looks like worked removing the "#".

My file has around 2.500.000 rows and I'm not sure if there is some problems in my Knime settings because its taking a few minutes to finish.

Is it common?