CSV Reader keeps seeing old header

If you use same CSV file name with different headers it will see the original one. No header changes control on/after node reset.

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Hi @izaychik63 , yes it seems like Knime does some caching, at least for the session, and there does not seem any option to force no caching.

I think if you change some options and put them back, it should re-read the file. For example, you can uncheck/recheck “Has column header”:

It should refresh the data.


This is a recent changes to KNIME starting 4.3.4 or such. Previously KNIME checked for changes on file specification or existence but not anymore. Same is true for Excel Reader.

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this is a expected behavior of the file reader nodes to speedup the execution. If you expect that structure of the file might change you have to enable the Support changing file schemas option on the Advanced Settings tab. For further details please see the File Handling Guide.


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