csv reader multiple files but cut out row before with data


i have 3 csv files that i want to read at ones. The thing is every file has a date in the first line and then starts with the headers and columns so i have to cut the date out i think that i can read multiple files.

Like this
name, city, country,
pizza, new york, usa

I tried this:

and now i have to combine it with this

thx for your help!

Hi @phil21oo

In general it’s not recommended to work with deprecated nodes if you are creating this from scratch. In your case, use a CSV reader and; under Limit Rows select Skip first lines, under Settings select Has column header and Support short data rows.

Note: I think there is a typo in your example with the additional comma after country, that requires the support short data rows. If you actually have 3 columns only, then you don’t need it.


thx and is it possible to read multiple csv files at once when i skip the first row?

Yes @phil21oo , as the image from @ArjenEX , the option as below can be set to load multiples files, but you need to set the folder and then the mask for the files.


The rules from LImits rows will be applied for all files.

Just it… its simple…



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