CSV Writer Error File Does Not Exists in v3.1.2

Hi All,

I have recently upgraded my KNIME from version 2 to version 3 (3.1.2). I have been using CSV Writer node to automatically create and write csv files (and folder if it not exists) passed from a Java Edit Node in version 2.

But what I noticed in version 3 is that if the folder/ file does not exists, KNIME will stops the workflow and gives me an error.

Is it because of the new version that I have? Or how can it be solved?

Thank you.



This was a deliberate change in KNIME 3. The CSV Writer was the only node that created also missing directories which is a very unusual behaviour. This lead to strange effects, e.g. if the node was configured under Windows and then executed under Linux. Then folders such as /home/bla/C:/Data/xxx were created, which clearly was not intended. Now all writers behave the same in that they fail if the destination folder is missing.

I got it! Thank you for your reply.