CSV Writer - Error writing request body to server - Execution Panel

I’m currently running my script on a KNIME server my company has. It is a basic set of database -> manipulation -> CSV Writer nodes all wrapped inside a variable loop. The CSV writer node is writing to remote folder on the KNIME server (https://i.imgur.com/3ysPTEo.png). If I run it on my end (opening up the workflow and running everything) it works fine but when I try to execute it via knime server (https://i.imgur.com/JYpKRUp.png)

Error: https://i.imgur.com/I5YU8CF.png
or sometimes I get

There are messages for workflow "3. Prep BCG Input 2019-01-09 11.38.01" CSV Writer 7:1385:1352 - ERROR: Execute failed: Error writing request body to server

I get the above errors and I’m not sure why it happens like this. It seems like it works for the first few variables in the loop and then it runs into that error. I need the server-side execution to work since this job will be scheduled.

Hi @kpei,

Which version of KNIME Server are you using? What is the size of the data you are writing?


Hi Roland,

From the Web Portal i believe the version is 4.7.3. The size of the csv files can range anywhere from a few mb to hundreds of mb.

Does this happen every time you run the workflow? Have you tried to run it without the loop? (Just trying to narrow down possible causes)

It doesn’t happen without the loop, it looks like it runs fine for a few iterations and then it throws an error either on a certain iteration or just after a while.

Could you please send the executor log file? (via private message just in case there’s sensitive information in there)