CSV writer quotes setting for string value starting with zero


I am new to KNIME and hoping if someone can help with my question below:

I have a column of employeeID where all of them starts with zero, e.g 00000123456 (set as String at FIle reader because setting to Integer removes all the 0s) .
I used the default settings for the csv writer where the left quote is " and the right quote is " and applied to non-numerical only. 

The preview table looks good and export is successful. But when I tried to open the csv file with Excel, it has "intelligently" converted the string to integer and all the 0s are lost ( ID = 123456).

I am wondering if there is any node or settings i can do at the KNIME workflow so that i can keep all the 0s when I open the exported csv file with Excel?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you very much.

Hi Ankey,

puh, this is an Excel problem of course. You can use the XLS Writer (in our extension) I tried it and the number was interpreted correctly.

Or you write an apostrophe (e.g. with the String Manipulation node) in front of the number. Than Excel knows its a string.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris, 

Thank you for the suggestion, i guess i will go ahead with the apostrophe since my output file exceeds 65k rows. 

Thank you again and have a nice day~