CSVWriter fails to write under Windows Vista

With KNIME 2.11 we tried to execute a CSV-Writer by selecting a file on a mapped network drive. The permissions are fine (we can read/write at this location.

Still, as soon as the selection is done, the error occurs in the configuration dialog:

"Error: no write permission to output file"

I went back in the KNIME code and found that this error appears after the check Files.isWritable(path) (java.nio.file.Files) and I also found this bug-report assigned to this method:


Does it make sense as an explanation? Any workaround possible?

Or am I wrong?

Use a local drive, or update the OS ?

Even though the dialog shows an error message you should be able to close it and probably even be able to execute it.


niederle posted the problem that I had on a WinVista system.

@Ellert: this is what I am currently doing, but I would like to avoid moving files forth and back...

@thor: interestingly what you suggest is possible e.g. with the R plot node of our scriptingn extensions (writes .png). It shows the error in the dialog but nevertheless executes without problems. The CSV node in contrary stays "red". If I replace the mapped network drive with the URL \\server\myspace\file.csv, then the CSV node can be configured (yellow) but gives an error of invalid username/password when executed and fails.



For the last problem there is a workaround in 2.11.1 (another Java bug...).