cURL in POST or GET Node


I am trying to connect to the ( API and the configuration instructions show it in cURL format. I am trying to understand how the code for the the cURL translates into successful configuration for the POST or GET nodes.

For example this is what it shows:

> Curl: curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/geo+json"

> Request URL:

I have tried configuring the POST node with the URL. But I don’t get a good return.

Additionally, I am trying to access the API with my Token, but it follows the same cURL format, so I am running into similar issues.

I really appreciate any thoughts/suggestions you might have!

From the curl command it seems like you have to use the GET Request node instead.
Kind regards

Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn,

I ran the GET node with the URL and the ‘accept’ request header but it returned this:

Hi TardisPilot,

I could successfully access the API using the HTTP Retriever node. You can just input the given URL into the HTTP Retriever node, no need to escape anything. The accept header is not strictly necessary, it’ll send JSON per default (for APIs which require a specific header, you can use the “Headers” tab of the node).

Check here for a working example workflow:



Perfect! Thank you!


if you paste your link into a browser it will show you the error. Your link is faulty with the empty id parameter just remove that like qqlihq did then the GET node works just fine.


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