I want to read out the variable currenfeature of the feature selection loop but there is only a blank string. What can I do? At the moment, I have big workaround to read out the features from the result table at the end of the loop but it would be much better to do this in the loop because I cannot pass values to the outer loop.



Hello @HaraldKoller,

which feature selection strategy are you using?
The strategies Random and Genetic Algorithm don’t have a current feature that they are evaluating in a single loop iteration but rather an entire set of features.
However, this is not documented in the node description and I opened a ticket to do so.
Sorry for your inconvenience.

Best regards,


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Hi Adrian,

thanks for your answer and ticket. Actually, I am using genetic algorithm as strategy.



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Can you share the workflow? Why do you have another outer loop?

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