Custom Data renderer

Hello! I ahve a question. I try to create a custom node with WebDriver object type on output port. But I receivedCaused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No renderer available  Any suggestions?


I solve this.

Hello, i also have the same issue when trying to load new Type, can you tell me how you fix your issue?. Thanks in advance.


So you should implement a renderer class for your custom type (java class that will be extended fromimport;)

public final class MyCustomValueRenderer extends DefaultDataValueRenderer {

    protected void setValue(Object value) {
        Object newValue = value;
        if (value instanceof MyCustomValue) {
            newValue = value.toString();
    public static final class MyCustomValueRendererFactory
    extends AbstractDataValueRendererFactory {
        public String getDescription() {
            return "MyCustomValue";

        public DataValueRenderer createRenderer(DataColumnSpec colSpec) {
            return new MyCustomValueRenderer ();


and register this class in plugin.xml


That's all!