Custom Dictionary Tagging

Hie everyone,

I want to make this exact thing: Dictionary based Tagging Example | KNIME
but my input file and the dictionary are both CSV.

My input file has only 2 columns id and the text which needs to be tagged.
And the dictionary has one column the tags.

I keep getting the error : There have to be at least 1 columns containing DocumentCells !

Please help !

Hi @stelios357,

welcome to the KNIME community.
The example page is a little bit outdated and does not really show the first steps you would need to take to get the Dictionary Tagger node running. The example uses a Table Reader node which already provides preprocessed Documents. A document is a specific data type in KNIME that is used for working with nodes of the Textprocessing Extension. So, all you need to do is to convert you texts into documents by using the Strings To Document.