Custom distance function: how can I make a distance matrix column?

Sorry @Laura_Marzo - no idea! Sounds like one for @thor?


How can I make it so that I see it @thor ??

but I do not know where it is that it performs this casting

Don’t you get a stacktrace on the console?

This problem quite certainly stems from one of the beloved OSGi class loading issues (ie. class loaded twice in different bundles). Have you checked your dependencies, whether the mentioned class might be imported from different sources?

I explicitly stated that your must not add the Jar to the classpath. Instead you must use a dependency to the distance matrix plug-in. Otherwise you get exactly those kind of errors.

This is the first time I work with distance matrix, I did not find the necessary class to use it and I found the package and that’s how I was able to develop the plug-in
Could you tell me how can I do the dependence on the distance matrix plug-in?

Open the MANIFEST.MF, go to the Dependencies tab, and add a new dependency to _org.knime.distamatrix.


Thank you very much, the workflow is saved well