Custom Fonts and Contrast in KNIME 5.2

Hi there,

the other day my company switched from version 4.7 to 5.2 an technically I’m very fine with the upgrade. But even though I stayed with the classicel UI from time to time I’m in contact with Nodes with ne new UI interface.
Am I the only one whos wondering why the Type Font is so skinny but tall and light grey instead of black? And why is the Config Pane unnesseccary large?

Is there a chance to change the Font Type somewhere in the settings or knime.ini?

Row filter in old design:

Column Filter in New Design:

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Hello @ActionAndi,

In regards to the font, as of now we cannot change the default font size or Font Type. There is a ticket open right now that is related to the issue you bring up, although it is more on font size, I will go ahead and add this thread to the ticket and add a +1 to it as it is related to font adjustment.

Ticket AP-17241

Hope this helps,