Custom node data output


i want to create a new custom node with my, inside the node created object as Output data. Is this possible or does the Output have to be some sort of table?

You can create custom ports. Take a look at PortObject and PortObjectSpec.

Thanks but i have another question: How is it possible to change the Input data Type from lets say a BufferedDataTable to a different Output (-> my custom PortObject)? The execute method only allows me to use a PortObject as Input, not a BufferedDataTable.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am relatively new to KNMIE.


BufferedDataTable extends PortObject so in your execute method you can cast the objects in your input objects array to the specific object type you have. 


    protected PortObject[] execute(final PortObject[] inData, final ExecutionContext exec) throws Exception
        MyPortObject obj = (MyPortObject) inData[0];

       BufferedDataTable inputTable = (BufferedDataTable) inData[1];




Sorry that should be inherits from PortObject (interface) not extends. 

Allright thanks!

Can you give me a short overview of what to do if I want to build a very simple new port object (for example a simple string that was split in half during my node and the new object consists of the two halfes of the original string or sth. trivial as that)? (just for me to get a better understanding of what to do) 
Right now i am a little bit confused, which method is necessary to implement or what certain methods do. I am trying to follow the PMMLPortObject right now.