Custom node for scheduled execution?

Is it possible to make knime able to execute nodes in specific time? For example make node, which once being run, would serve as scheduler, delaying routine execution to a defined time. Would be such scheme stable for continuous exectuion? Or maybe there is anther way do get scheduling?


ps I know about KNIME Server, but i completly dont need it, i just need scheduling functionality

Interesting question, of course you get the scheduling as part of the KNIME Server package. As soon as you need to run certain nodes or parts of a workflow executed at a certain time, it gets nasty. We have our so-called Java Snippet node which might help. I could imaging having a infinite loop in there which will be interrupted if a certain condition is fulfilled - time, etc. The upstream nodes will be executed afterwards, but only if the full execution of the workflow has been triggered before.

Yes, this is somewhat i kept in mind writing this post!

For more clarity - there is no way to gain access for third party KNIME-developer to functions of start execution of nodes routine, stop it and pause?