Custom table list to be migrated to other database (mysql to postgres)

good day to all.

i’m a new user of knime and i was able to do a simple table data migration from mysql to postgres. my scenario now is, how can i migrate the data from a selected list of tables (not all tables will be migrated) to its postgres tables counter-part?

your kind help is highly appreciated, thank you.


@csarsonas welcome to the KNIME forum.

Here is an example of a data transfer between different data bases.

If you want to further explore database related examples you could take a look at this collection

Hi @mlauber71 thanks for your response.
I have a successful trial on 1 : 1 table but the scenario i’m asking is that i could configure or set a list of tables to be used for migration, reading/looping on the configuration of which tables to be processed and migrated (not sure if there is a loop for DB table selector to read list of table names). I’m planning to have this scenario to be used for data ingestion.

You could create or import a table as a meta table and use a loop to make the task. I collected a few maybe helpful links about that.

If you have large or complicated operations you might want to include a check if your transfer was successful.

KNIME course about loops

@armingrudd articles about loops and flow variables

Nodeguide to loop examples

Special loop example involving data bases


@mlauber71 thanks for sending these references.
I’ll try and use them and construct it to produce the process and output of my problem.


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