Custom Workflow Export Format

It is now possible to export a KNIME Workflow (File > Export KNIME Workflow).

What I would like to do is to add a different export format. I want to be able to export KNIME workflows into a grid. For that I need a specific xml format.

I haven't figured out how to actually access all nodes and where exactly is the best place to start. As of now, I have an external (java) program that takes an already exported KNIME workflow (zip format) and converts it to the format I want.

Is there a way to extend KNIME to add a new export format? The best would be to extend the Export KNIME Workflow dialog to add an extra format.

did you find a way in the end?

I have the same problem.

any help really appreciate it.

The Export Wizard just zips the workflow directory from the workspace. If you already have a converter, you could create your own export wizard that reads it from the directory and writes it in your own format. The KNIME export wizard is in the org.knime.workbench.explorer.view.actions.export package. 

The workflow file format may change over time though - it is not part of KNIME's "official" API.


Thank you Peter

do you have an example or a link to an example?

I'm worst than a beginner in plugins.

If you don't have an example do you know why the following gives me error?

   <extension point="org.knime.workbench.explorer.view.actions.export">
      <node category-path="/" factory-class="com.mylib.knime.export.MyExportWizard" id="com.mylib.knime.export.MyExportWizard"/>


The error says: unknown extension point.

best wishes,