Customization of KNIME Tool

How feasible customization of KNIME  tool? Please share expereince  if  any one has customized it? How much its robust after customization. Thank in advance

In what way do you want to customise? Adding new nodes and views is simple. Making changes to the existing code however is not. 

Thanks to reply

Actually I am looking for
"Which is a most flexible & customizable open source & Licensed BI Reporting tool in terms of creating new features & functionality for reports using SDK development."

For instance:

BIRT/ Actuate, SpagoBI, Pentaho, RapidMiner, Jaspersoft, KNIME, Pyramid Analytics, Yellowfin, Chartio, Panorama Necto, MicroStrategy, ZOHO, Arcplan, Tibco SpotFire, Infor

You can create reports with KNIME's Report designer, which is based on BIRT. That (KNIME reporting) part is not open source, but you can add BIRT extensions to the platform and use them, so I do not think that part is limiting in anything.

I would say the RapidMiner Reporting extension is very limited. I have used that (the version in 5.3) for generating figures (in KNIME :) ), but it does not support the advanced visualization and besides figures I did not like it very much, seems rather limited. For more complex reporting you have to use the server version of RapidMiner.

I think KNIME also have a SpotFire extension, so I think KNIME would be a safe bet. The report designer is easy to use, and with the BIRT community it is extensible.

Cheers, gabor

PS: I would add R and probably (i)python to the list. Both has ways to generate reports.