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Is it feasible to customize KNIME Analytical Platform’s UI to incorporate company’s branding by including some logos or changing UI color scheme?

This doesn’t answer your exact question is relevant to overall branding so I thought you may be interested. We have been exploring building workflows with a coverpage that contains our logo. The logo is an ASCII art image, a work-around until actual images can be inserted into workflows (a feature that I believe will be added at some point). Note we are still exploring the implication of a coverpage on workflow functionality.

Thanks, Ben

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Hello @shivani,

if I got it right some KAP customization is possible with KNIME Server:


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Hi @ipazin,
Thanks for your reply. Just to make it more clear, I am interested in customizing the UI layout of KAP and introducing some logos in the KAP frame (like displaying XYZ company logo in addition to KNIME logo in top left corner of screen) by updating KNIME’s java code if required.

Hello.Have you found a solution to this problem?

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