Customize table column

I’ve got the following table like this:

col1 col2
A A1
A A2
A A3
B B1
B B2
B B3

now i want convert it like this:

A1 B1
A2 B2
A3 B3

Anybody can help me ?
Thanks !

Hi there!

This was interesting but maybe I got it! Use Column Expressions node as many times as there is Groups (A,B,…) with expression


and column name of your group. You will get column with missing values for all groups except A group. After that you can filter column you don’t need (all except A column). After that use Row filter node to filter out missing values. Repeat this for all groups and use use Column Appender node :slight_smile:

It could be optimized I guess :smiley:

Instead of Column Expressions node you can use Rule Engine node as well.


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Hi Ivan,
Thanks for your reply! I’m new to knime and i try to understand your solution,but still don’t know how to do it.
could you offer me a demo workflow file?
Thank you very much again!


Customize table column.knwf (14.2 KB)

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Hi Ivan,
I got it ,thank you very much again!

You are welcomed :wink: