CV (%rsd) aggregation option in Groupby node?

I was hoping to see percent relative standard deviation as one of the options for aggregation methods in the groupby node. I wasnt able to search that out, find it. Of course it is very simple to use the mean and standard deviation aggregations to generate those columns of data then use column expressions or math to simply divide the two. However if aggregating relies on variables the output names are affected and it becomes less straightforward (though not insurmountable). It would be far simpler to have that option. Thank you.


Hi @Chumnley -

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve created a ticket for this feature request in our system (AP-17071), and will provide updates on this thread if any changes are made.


Dear @ScottF

In the same vein, it would be nice to have IQR (InterQuartile Range) as one of the options in the GroupBy, as the non-parametric brother of the standard deviation.

Similarly, it would be great to have a COL_IQR function in the Math Formula node…