CVS reader rounds numbers!


I noticed that the CSV reader node rounds the values in a CVS file to the third digit after the point. That should not happen unless someone wants to round. Additionally, 0.0005 becomes 0 instead of 0.001!

It would be great I you could make the rounding optional or at least give warning.





Is there an alternative node to read floating point numbers?

Also the File Reader node rounds.

Are you sure? It should not round, only the port view -by default- shows numbers for that precision. With a full precision renderer (can be selected by right-clicking on the table column header or from File/Preferences/KNIME/.../default renderers for changing the defaults), you should see the numbers as they were before reading (probably with -small- rounding errors because double floating point numbers cannot express the number specified exactly).

OK, everything is alright!

I did not know about the renderers.


You mean "Preferred Renderers", right?