Cypher conversion in KNIME

So I have a specific task that I am wondering if a KNIME workflow can achieve.

The input to the workflow will have two columns

    Col1         Col2
    189526       BIJFCG
    123456       NULL

There is Cypher that values in Col1 will need to follow in order to generate the corresponding value in Col2
A 0
B 1
C 2
D 3
E 4
F 5
G 6
H 7
I 8
J 9

So, the task is to look at Col2 for NULL, pick the corresponding value in Col1 and then use the cypher to generate a value that is similar to Col2 but will put in Col 3
So the output should be

 Col1         Col2    Col3
189526       BIJFCG 
123456       NULL     BCDEFG

Hi @Adiwakar

Of course “no limits…” see this workflow cypher conversion.knwf (42.6 KB) . Where the conversion is done with a Rule Engine node in a loop. Hope this helps.

gr. Hans


It does! Thanks Solves the problem


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