D3 example workflow in KNIME 3.3 not working

Hi Richard,

I had a quick look at your workflow. You are correct in your assumption that D3 v4 is the problem, why the code doesn't run anymore. If you want to adapt the code to work with the new D3, you can take a look at https://github.com/d3/d3/blob/master/CHANGES.md to see what has changed. Basically a lot of the d3 calls have been shortened, which they call the 'great namespace flattening'. Other calls might have been renamed.

To load an older D3 version your code was almost correct, but requireJS works only, if you omit the .js file ending from the path definition. So your config call should look like:

    paths: {
        d3: 'https://d3js.org/d3.v3.min'

and then it will work.

An easier way to handle user or external libraries in the Generic JavaScript view is on our roadmap, but there is no definite plans for when this will be worked on or released.

Hope this helps you.