D3 scripting problem

I am trying to visualise some data using a D3 script in the Generic JavaScript View. My JavaScript already works in a browser, so I pasted it into the node. I added the line:
data = knimeDataTable.getRows()[0];
to read the data from Table Creator node that, at this point, only contains one row with four columns.

My code started with defining ‘svg’ so I added this line to attach it to body:
var svg = d3.select(‘body’)

However, when I execute the node and then click on “Interactive View: Generic JavaScript View”, I get an empty window.

I have opened the console and the error console but I’m getting nothing in there either.

How can I further debug the problem. I’ll attach my complete script to this if that would help - and if I can figure out how to attach something…

Thanks in advance
Jannettaknimenodescript.txt (1.4 KB)

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Hi Jannetta,
thanks for reaching out!
I am looking at your code and just like this I cannot see anything wrong.
It might be something related to how you feed the data.
You might need to do some JavaScript coding to convert the KNIME data
into an array with the proper structure.
I can debug this for you but you need to send the workflow (.knar or .knwf format)
with some dummy dataset with the proper columns and data domain.