How to load ODBC data base of Tally Software in to knime
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Hi @sujesh, welcome to the community!

Typically you should be using a jdbc driver to connect to your database from KNIME rather than odbc, as odbc is no longer generally supported with Java 8 onwards, and therefore KNIME.

You would therefore require a suitable jdbc driver for Tally. Information on registering a jdbc driver can be found here:

Is there a reason why you specifically wish to use odbc rather than jdbc?

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Thank you for the reply
Could I get steps to be followed for this

Hi @sujesh, first off you will have to find a suitable jdbc driver. I don’t know Tally, but if you don’t have a jdbc driver already, then hopefully a search on the internet will find you either a free or commercial driver that you can download.

Once you have that, the steps for registering the driver can be found in the link I posted earlier, but specifically have a look at the following sections:

Register your own JDBC drivers

and “Connecting to other databases”:

Try those steps and please post back for further help if you get errors, or if you have specific questions.

[Edit: I just noticed that this looks to be very similar to the following question:
Tally to Knime Connection]

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I am not specific to odbc. I am a consultant, running a small proprietorship, accounting background. For work automation purpose I learning KNIME.

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