Data change over time

Hello everyone!

I am currently starting to get comfortable with Knime.
To do so, I connected my workflows to some databases within my company.

For one specific use case, I need a possibility to create a historical data series. That means: If a value in the database gets changed, I want Knime to notify that and be able to compare the old value to the new one.

Is there any possibility to do so? I tried to google a solution, but could not be able to find something.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

Hi there @Tamara,

glad you are getting comfortable with KNIME :slight_smile:

You would like for KNIME to automatically detect change in your database? If so not sure that is possible. What you can do is run KNIME workflow periodically with frequency depending on your use case. Workflow needs to connect to database and somehow check if there was any change in your data. If change is detected read the data in KNIME and compare it/run analysis/report it…


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