data clutter in date in output file

Hello, this is my first post.

I have a workflow and everything works fine, but today after a little adjustments the order in date is wrong.

In knime the date looks good, YYYY-MM-DD, but when I open the output file in folder looks like:

This is the way how I visualize it in knime


And this is the way how I see it in CSV


I almost forgot to mention, I use string to date already, and before that worked very well, I don’t understand when its change.

Could anybody help me?

Hi & welcome -

When you write ‘this is the way i see it in CSV,’ there is some misdirection going on here.

I see in the screenshot above that you are looking at the CSV in some program (Excel?) which has read in a bunch of text and made assumptions about what data types are in which cells.
Since this is CSV, which is inherently an untyped file format, perhaps you should tell the viewing program the column contains date values - and at that point, in that program, set up how date strings should be formatted for display?


You could check out this discussion and example where we did some manipulations on date values:


Thanks a lot, your comment is very assertive !!! I put the data in another reader and I can see the date how it’s supposed to be !!!

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you!! I will save this example!!! Very useful!!! :slight_smile:

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