Data-Collection out of Excel-Files (only special tabs)

Dear Forum-Members,

I have several Excel-Files. Each of that Files has 4 Tabs/Registers. The Files have the same structure. I would like to collect the data from all Registers 1 in one File, the data from all Registers 2 in one file… I know this should be possible but I don´t know how I could select the Register which needs to be collected from the files.

Or is it possible to bring Tab/Register 1 to 4 into the same structure (move columns, delete columns…) and collect all Tabs/Registers of all Excel-Files into one Excel-File/one Excel-Table?

Could you please support me?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @daniela02 -

Take a look at this workflow - I think it will help. In particular, I think you’ll find the middle (blue) branch useful.

Hi ScottF, thank´s a lot for that link. What I need to change if I would like to have all Sheets 1 in one Excel-File and all Sheets 2 in a different one? Thank´s again!

In that case maybe the bottom (green) branch is more suited to your task. But you probably wouldn’t need the middle two nodes (Read Excel Sheet Names and Table Row to Variable Loop Start) and the final Loop End node.

If I’m understanding you correctly, all you need is to list the Excel files you have, and loop over those files reading from the same Register.

I’d encourage you to try it out on your local machine. It’s probably easier to understand once you tinker with it a bit, and understand how the loop works.