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I was looking in the tutorials library to see if there was a way to have “QuickForm” collect information like a Survey from the web portal, and then have “each record submittal” dumped into a file consisting of all of the recordsets like a Orders Table, every 10-minutes for processing? While one file is collecting survey data, another file that is populated is being processed for each record that was supplied within the 10-minute interval. After processing, it’s stored in a process-complete file for archive/deletion. Please advise.



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So if I got it right you would like to create a survey using KNIME and process each 10 minutes collected result? Interesting. Think it is achievable. Collecting result depends on type of questions but mostly you can collect them using QuickForms nodes as most of them (if not all) output a flow variable with value (answer in your case). At the end you can collect all the flow variables into data table and write it down with a timestamp. Further processing should’t be a problem as you can schedule another workflow to take and process all data in last 10 minutes.

This is all under assumption I understood you correctly :smiley:


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Dear @DavisRogers,

Can you confirm that @ipazin’s assumptions are correct? If not, could you please elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to achieve.

Also, is there a specific reason why you have posted this in the Academic Alliance category? If not, I would move it to another category where it is better suited…


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Here is my current challenge…
I have Google Sheets collecting info and I want to turn these responses into Flow variables into the rest of my workflow.

Would like to turn these responses into FlowVariables for the rest of the WorkFlow

I am not sure how this works??? I see the FlowVariable Icon, but how does one allow these variables to be used if there is a Vlookup from a table downstream of the Workflow to grab the value of these responses?

Not sure how this works. If there is an instructional video to support, I would appreciate it.



Hi there,

here is video on flow variables:

Additionally there are nodes that create flow variables from tables:
From row to variables:
From column to variables:




Hi ipazin,

In the illustration above which shows the results of Google Sheets, is there a way to put the data into a table as seen from the layout with column 30 and Value. I could then use a VLookup approach for this data instead of Flow Variables. Your Thoughts?