Data copy & paste

Dear KNIMErs,


Ever since I started using KNIME for almost all my analytical needs I've wished for copy & paste access without involving the excplicit parsing (and writing) of files.


The way IN for data is easy ever since the Table Creator node entered the scene, but unfortunately there's no way OUT of KNIME without creating a file (which by definition didn't exist before, unlike on the IN path) -- or by unelegantly capturing screenshots of summary windows. Most of the time I need material to go from KNIME straight into MS Office, be it Excel for tables, or Word / PowerPoint for tables and/or graphs.


Any chance the clipboard will be more exploitable in the future to avoid the "temporary outfile" clutter?




Semi-elegant alternative (on Windows):


"Crete Temp Dir" node followed by "Java edit variable" node with following snippet:

     return $${Stemp_path}$$ + "\\temp.xls";

This variable feeds an XLS writer node with "Open file after execution" ticked.


Works well enough, but I'd still prefer to avoid the hassle and copy&paste from a "Table Creator"-like grid. Cross-platform.