Data Explorer Error

On calling preview I’ve got error message:
JS view set in preferences (org.knime.ext.seleniumdrivers.multios.ChromiumWizardNodeView) can’t be loaded. Switch to default.

How it could be fixed?
Thank you.


to figure out what is going on it would be helpful to have a few more infos. Which operating system do you use? Which KNIME version? And did you update from a previous KNIME installation or downloaded and installed the version you are using without updating?


Win 7 Pro, KNIME 3.6.1, I always updated KNIME for last 2 years.

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Ok, in this case it sounds like you have a KNIME plugin missing, which contains the Chromium browser binary files. You can either uninstall the “JavaScript Views” feature and install it again or download and install a fresh KNIME Analytics Platform 3.6.1. Then the above mentioned error message should go away.

It was enough to install just Chromium browser to fix. Thank you.

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