Data extraction from Javascript-using web pages / alternative to selenium node!

Is there any alternative solution other than Selenium node? To extract Javascript / json data or to run web brosver. or is it necessary to have an entire software node? (in summary, I’m looking for more than one method for a solution - and I think it must be an alternative method.)

Is there anyone who has knowledge or suggestion of solution in this matter? Is there anyone who has the experience to get data from JavaScript pages or open a web browser in knime?

Do not you know of any alternative to the Selenium solution?

A strange situation is that there is no turning back

Hi Umut,
we are really happy to have the Selenium nodes for these tasks. Before you could use the palladian extensions, where it was not possible to parse javascript based webpages.

I am sorry, but I don’t have an alternative for you.
Best, Iris

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Hi Iris;
Thanks for your reply, I think that alternative methods in this regard could offer a better development opportunity. Selenium also offers nice solutions. However, it would be beneficial to develop more methods.

Best regards