Data grabing from Webpage

Dear community,
i have a short question and perhaps someone can help me.

I developed a KNIME Workflow and it works fine but now i have to enhance this workflow. I need to include the exchange rates from Is there any possibiliy to use one of the nodes to grap this data from this webpage to further process them within the workflow?
I have no access to the database behind this website so for me it´s not possible to connect directly with this database.

The calculation afterwards is then no problem eny more.
Thank you in advance for your support.

The archive data can be accessed here (no data on weekends):

This could be scraped with a Webpage Retriever node and some XPath queries. Make sure to set a delay, you don’t want to DDoS that server. Especially because this one takes quite a while to respond.

If you need more help, please tell us how the output should look like (do you need only the current data, or historical data as well, what format, …).

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Dear @Thyme (and Knime Community),
I have a similar situation: I need to make a web scraping with COVID-19 financial data from a governmental Brazilian web portal (both I and my research are Brazilian).
The URL is Informações de Saúde (TABNET) – DATASUS; on this page, I have two interesting options, under “Assistência à Saúde” (or Health Assistance):
a) Produção Hospitalar (SIH/SUS) – DATASUS → for data from hospital admissions; and
b) Produção Ambulatorial (SIA/SUS) – DATASUS → for outpatient care;
And I need to compare both expenses monthly, along the period from Jan-2020 to May-2023. I wish to construct timelines for these value fluctuations.
I planned to use the Knime nodes “Webpage Retriever” and “XPath” at the beginning of my workflow. But I couldn’t configure adequately both nodes,
Can someone help me with this task?
Thanks in advance.

Dear Thyme (and Knime Community),
I almost forgot: another option I should scrape is: besides for every month, I need to collect data for every city, and there are 497 municipalities in our State. The web scraping procedure would bring me a table for hospital admissions (subtotal financial amounts) with 497 lines (one for each city) and 41 columns (one for each month), and another similar table for outpatient care.
Thank you again.
B. R.