Data loading takes huge time in python script

Dear community,
I am using python script and python view modules which takes a large table as input. Its annoying that every time I configure the module, mostly to edit the python code, it takes a huge time to load data even before I start. Its much time consuming when I exit the module and alter some other modules and come back to python module then it again takes time to load data. Until now its not possible to alter other modules and change the canvas without closing a module.

Do anyone have an idea how to avoid ?

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You could try and limit the number of lines while you are developing the code. The Python nodes already have this setting „Row limit (dialog)“

Row limit (dialog)
Limits how many rows of input data are loaded into the dialog. This is useful to maintain the interactivity of script executions in the dialog when there are lots of input data. Changing this value only takes effect after resetting the node’s workspace or closing and reopening the dialog.

Then you could export your data into parquet or ORC and load it back into Python.

And then there is the new Columnar table backend that was also supposed to improve the collaboration between KNIME and Python (nodes):

Also there was this thread, but I am not sure if the improvements mentioned have already been shipped (@christian.birkhold):