Data loading too slow. What will happen if I cancel the execution?

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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was trying to load data ( around 90k rows) into the knime model but it is very slow and the process got stuck at 2%. Can I cancel the execution and re-load the data?

If I cancel, what will happen to the 2% data already loaded? (as I don’t want to duplicate the data in the platform).

Thank you in advance for your help!

To increase speed try to increase Batch Size parameter. To avoid duplicates try to replace DB Writer with DB Merge node


Thank you for your comment. My question is, can I cancel the execution now and re-load data?

Thank you!

According to the DB Merge node description yes if you use it like @izaychik63 pointed out.

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Hello @cathy12 ,
you can safely cancel the execution of the database manipulation nodes (DB Writer, DB Insert, DB Update, …). They start a database transaction right before manipulating the data in the table and only if the node successfully executes it commits the transaction. If you want to perform several manipulations spread across various nodes you can also wrap them all in a DB Transaction Start and DB Transaction End node. The start node marks the beginning of the transaction and the end node will either commit or rollback all manipulations depending on if all nodes succeed or fail. See this workflow for an example:

For more information see the KNIME Database Extension Guide.


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